Facebook integration for your convienence

facebook like button 512x34111 300x199 Facebook integration for your convienence

Houseswift, has now integrated with the largest social media site in the world, yes you guessed it, you can now register and login using your facebook account, and soon you will be able to advertise your property on your wall, or send propertys you think your friends will be interested in looking at directly to theirs.

And of course you will be able to “like” some of the stunning properties advertised on houseswift.co.uk.

Why not register today, being a member allows you exclusive access to create Tennancy agreements, Section 21′s and Section 8′s and Save them in your “My Documents” so you can refer back to them at any time without having to did through your paperwork or search through your PC. You can also save your searches, recieve notifications on new properties in your search parameters and much more.

And dont forget, you will get one Free property listing allowing you to Sell or Rent your property.

Why not join houseswift now, no reason not too.