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Producing a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Since 4th January 2009 sellers and landlords have been required by law to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for all buildings or parts of buildings when they are sold or rented. An Energy Performance Certificate gives prospective buyers or tenants information on the energy efficiency of a building.


For larger public buildings Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are required. DEC's are valid for one year and accompanied by an Advisory Report that lists measures to improve the energy rating of a building.


By January 2009 all Air Conditioning systems where the total cooling capacity is greater than 250kW (in dwellings and non-dwellings) must have had the first inspection. By 4 January 2011 all buildings with air conditioning systems over 12kW must have had the first inspection and further inspections at no more than 5 year intervals.

Instructions for usage of our EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) generator.

  1. Enter your Energy Efficiency Ratings
  2. Enter your Environmental Impact Ratings
  3. Choose Image Name
  4. Choose Image Format - one of two popular formats
    (PNG is the best format for this purpose)
  5. Choose Graph Type:
    • England & Wales - EPC
    • England & Wales - PEA
    • England & Wales - Commercial EPC
    • Northern-Ireland - EPC
    • Scotland - EPC
    • Scotland - PEA
  6. Press Save
  7. You can download graph from the "My Documents link" or find it in your "My Documents" section from the user area menu.
  8. Or you can create more graps

Important Note: supply this facility subject to fair usage and reserve the right to withdraw or restrict the service at their sole discretion. It is entirely the responsibility of the user to ensure the Graph details are entered correctly and that the Graph appears accurate. Houseswift accept no responsibility whatsoever for inconvenience or loss arising out of the use of this service or its availability. Please ensure you key the 4 ratings from the EP certificate correctly - always double check.

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