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IPhone House Swift App Instructions.

Thank you for downloading the House Swift App for the Apple IPhone.

We have attempted to make it as intuitive as possible, however here are some basic instructions on how to use it.


Please enter your username and password to log on to the site. If you are not registered with us, you can use the link  in the top right of the log on screen to do so.


Search Houses for Sale Screen

Select the subject you wish to search from the "Home Screen"
These are:

  • Sale : Properties for sale.
  • Rent : Properties for rent.
  • New Homes: Search for new build properties only.
  • Find Agents: Find estate agents in a specific area from agents registered with House Swift.
  • Student Lets: Find properties that have been advertised for students.

Once you are on your selected search page, partially type the name of the town in which you are looking for properties or agents and click the magnifying glass icon, this will return a list of towns that match your partial text.

Once you have selected the town you require from the drop down, please click "SEARCH".

After clicking search you will be taken to the search filter page where you are able to refine your search further to give you the best match to meet your requirements.

When you have selected the filters  you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "SEARCH". This will give you a list of properties or agents to match your requirements.


Summary of houses for sale

You are able to scroll though this list 40 properties at a time. When you reach 40 properties, drag the page past the last property, this will show the next 40 results and may take a second or two.

Once loaded you can scroll through these as before, continue until there are no more results to display.

To view additional details on a property, tap and release the property you wish to view on the summary page, this will take you to the property details page.


At the top of the summary page there is a sort button which allows you to sort your result by prices  - either low-high or high-low.



Property Description

There are a number of options on the property details page. 
At the top of the page the seller details are displayed in the blue banner. This could be a private seller or an agent acting on behalf of the seller.

Below this are the following:


This can be given to the seller should they need it to look up the details of the property you are interested in.


This is usually the town in which the property is located.

Below this are the property price and a brief property description.
These are followed by images of the property which you can scroll through from right to left and back again.

After the images you will find the following buttons:


This button appears only if the seller has provided a contact number, clicking this button will dial the contact number direct from your handset to allow you immediate contact with the seller.


This will save the property to your online "My House Swift" area on the Houseswift.co.uk website, allowing you quick and easy access to the property from any internet connected PC.


This allows you to print the property details to a compatible Apple Airport compatible printer.


This allows you to send a link to the property via email, using your “IPhone” email client. This will only work using the “IPhone” email client if configured to send and receive email.


This provides the property description, as written by the property vendor.


Map Schools

This provides a map screen showing the location of the property. At the top of the screen you can select primary and secondary schools which will then display balloons on the map for each school. Clicking on the balloon gives additional details about the selected school.


This option is displayed if the vendor has supplied an email address for contact, from this screen you can ask the vendor to provide additional property details.


Where available, there will be an arrow on the top left of each page, this allows you to return to the previous page you were looking at, this is equivalent to a internet browser’s “back” button..