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Section 21(1)b Notice Generator

You will need either a section 21(4)a, section 21(1)b or section 8 eviction notice to gain back your property, as you cannot evict a tenant without an order from the court. Which document you should use depends on what stage of a tenancy you are looking to regain the property back.

In brief, the section 21(1)b gives the tenant notice that you (Landlord) want the property back at the end of the fixed term contract (the end date stated on the tenancy agreement). It must give them at least 2 months notice leading up to this date.

So check your Tenancy Agreement... If they moved in on the 20th of April 2012, and did a 12 month contract due to end on the 19th April 2013, you must serve them the Section 21 no later than the 19th February 2013 (2 months notice).

Before you jump straight to filling in the Section 21 and serving it, there are 2 key things to remember or else you may get the case thrown out.

1 - It is pointless posting a Section 21 to the tenant without taking a copy! So print out the form, sign and date it, take a photocopy for yourself and send the original to the Tenant. Remember, if this goes to court, the Judge will ask for a copy of the Section 21!

2 - Everything on the Section 21 must be exact. You will notice that at the bottom the Section 21, the dates requiring possession are in word format. This is to avoid any potential misreading. As well, the judge may be strict and say the Section 21 is invalid if you misspell your name (as the tenants may not have known who to pay the rent to!?) or likewise it goes without saying he will dismiss it if you misspell the tenants name. It also needs to coincide with the Tenancy Agreement so if you have put Mr A Smith on the Tenancy Agreement, do not change that to Andy Smith on the Section 21.

To create your 21 (4)b notice simply fill in the form on the link below, once you have customised your form using the easy to select options, click save and our system will generate you a perfectly formatted 21(4)b notice in PDF format and place it in your "User Area - My Documents". You can then save the document to your computer or simply print it right away, House Swift will keep a copy for each notice you create, allowing you easy access to download at any time you require a copy.

If you are unsure about any of the fields on this form try clicking inside the field and reading the tips on the help window which appears.

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