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Letting to Students.

Investing in Student Lettings

In the absence of viable alternatives, investment in property has become a phenomenon of 20th century Britain, student homes and student lettings are no exception.

City properties also offer a safer year-round bet as it's easier to continuously attract occupants off season, and you can always take advantage of the accommodation yourself, if you want, as an added bonus.

Insurance for Student Homes and Lettings

In these days of higher risks and a litigious public, adequate insurance cover is vital. The types of cover you need to consider are:

  • Buildings cover - your mortgage company will insist on this
  • Contents cover - your own contents should be adequately covered, whilst you guests should cover their own cotenants an accidental damage to your property.
  • Public liability - covers you for civil actions brought by guests who may sustain injury on your property.
  • Employee liability - you are likely to employ casual labour in the process of running your small business and this cover is a legal requirement.
  • Loss of rental income cover - this can be had for a small percentage of the annual rental income.
  • Cancellation insurance - in case guests let you down.
  • Personal accident, health and key-man insurance - in case you are incapacitated at critical times.