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Whats the latest property "Buzz" ?


Since launch, we have been compiling as much infomation as we can about the property market around you.

We have aimed to make this database self filling from infomation that you, the public have provided us, when you buy and sell your houses.

House Swift Property Tools use realtime advertising data to provide you with a picture into the current property market around your area.

Simply enter your postcode here and find out what is happening near you.


How Much?

If you are looking to sell, buy or just want to know what trends are happening in the property market in your area, then 'House Swift' can help.

House Swift's Market Analysis Tool uses information gathered since launch, giving you a idea on whats happening in regards to house prices in the area.

Here you can get a feeling for how many houses are available as advertised on houseswift, what people are paying and whats been sold recently, we recomend for more comprehensive data you have a look on the land registry's website.Find estate agents on House Swift.


Compare your area?

If you are looking around, and want to see how much 2 doors down sold for, or just to get a idea on the value of your investment, the Market Analysis Tool should help give you a idea.


Find an Estate Agent

When you need a agent to market your property, because self selling isnt a option due to factors you have no control over, why not have a look through our database to see whos offering these services in your area?

Find a House Swift member agent near you.