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With our map search tech you can:
  • Find properties in your ideal location by drawing your very own search area
  • Save your own search areas so you can use them again and again
  • Sign up for alerts on properties in your search areas

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How to use

The map search has been designed to allow you to refine your search to a exact area.

  • To move the map to your desired area, hold down the left mouse button on any area and drag
  • To draw a area, single left click on the map to place each point and close area to finish and search, or double click a point to auto close.
  • Once your area has been selected you have the option to either view the properties in the area immediatley, or to enter a name for that area and save it to your "My Houseswift"
  • Once you have viewed your results you have the option to "Create a new area", "Edit the Current Area",
    Or "Save the area" (Existing save areas also appear at the top of the map page, and can be clicked to activate)
  • Editing can be done by clicking on the marked points and holding the mouse down whilst dragging to resize.